Webshire Kennels – They LOVE what they do, and so do their customers!

I just wanted to say thanks for doing all of the work that you did with Daisy, she’s been awesome so far in the grouse woods.  She’s retrieved multiple limits of grouse this fall and has a ton of drive in the field and love retrieving them.  N.M.- Rice Lake

Would just like to thank you guys for what you did with Koda.  Today my 2 friends and I limited out on opening day and a huge part of that was because of Koda and what you were able to do with him.  Both you and Koda have made me a happy hunter and I can’t thank you enough!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get Koda back to you again sometime for more training.  D.E.-Wisconsin Rapids

I cannot get over the change in Maggie—she is a different dog!  I am able to let her out in the yard, walk her off- leash, and she doesn’t have destructive behaviors in the house.  We haven’t made the step to have her out of the kennel while we are away at work yet, but are working towards short periods of time.  I can’t thank you enough for all that you did – if we get another dog (a long time from now :-)), we will be bringing them to you! B.K.-Fond du Lac

Brian and Lisa Hartfield, and the staff at Webshire Kennels, inspired me to tell the story of Charley and Sadie.  How they emerged from rambunctious, excitable dogs, to two of the best behaved dogs anyone could have.  Rick and I rescued these two litter mates, brother and sister when they were 3 months old.  They were a hand full and then some!  I wish we had known about Webshire at that time.  It would have saved us a lot of anxiety.  We live in the country on about 5 acres, so we wanted the dogs to have all of the freedom they could.  Taking them out on a leash was like being behind sled dogs.  All they wanted to do was run. Leaving them off leash was not an option.  We knew they needed some kind of training, we just didn’t know what kind.  Our son told us about his boss taking his dog to Webshire Kennels, so we looked them up online and found they were only 10 minutes away from us.  We called them and found that they had waiting list for their training programs, so we scheduled their first available start date.  When the day came to start their training, we sat down and talked to Brian.  He is a gentle, soft-spoken man.  He asked us questions about the dogs, how they behave at home, what they were allowed to do and what our expectations at the end of the training would be.  When we left the kennel that morning, I had no doubt that we had made the right decision. Charley and Sadie have both graduated from Webshire Kennels obedience training.  They have been home for 3 months now and we continue to re-enforce the training daily that Brian and Lisa have given them.  When they are in the yard, they are completely off leash, although they still wear their e-collars.  Now they have the freedom that Rick and I wanted them to have.  There is no more yelling at them, just a soft voice tells them what is expected.  Most times all we need to do is call their name and they come running right to our side.  I have had people at work ask me where we took the dogs for their training, I always tell them the best place in the valley is Webshire Kennels!  Thank you Brian, Lisa and staff at Webshire for the training you have provided for Charley and Sadie.  We now have two dogs that we enjoy more than ever!  R. and L. S.-Winneconne

There is no better place to get a quality dog and expert training in a fun family atmosphere. Our first black lab was trained there 12 years ago and we are still going back to Brian and Lisa for their expertise. Our three labs have made us proud and watching them work their ways to Master levels has been such a joy. I would encourage the first time dog owner or the experienced handlers to get in touch with Webshire! A.S. -Neenah

Webshire is the BEST! Bella always enjoys her stay.  Thanks for keeping her happy and safe.  K.G.-Chicago

Thank you so much for everything you did with Marlee! She’s doing very well!  Didn’t take long for her to settle back in at home.  P.M. -Waupaca

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated all the help given to help the boys attain their potential this year.  Having both earn their JH’s and Justin his WC made me very proud.  Our training sessions together gave each more exposure and confidence.  M.H. -Fond du Lac

Mav and I have far surpassed any goals I dreamed of and I know it never would have been possible without you.  Truly, words cannot express my gratitude.  G.K. -Hayward

What a great dog! We fell very fortunate to have him living with us.  Keep up the great work and thank you for everything!  L.M. -New London

Mr. Freeze & LisaThank you so much for having Emma at Webshire Kennels.  Because of the two of your time and expertise she is growing into a well trained hunter and obedient lab that makes us proud!  As she continues to grow and gain experience we look forward to sending her back to school at Webshire Kennels!  M.N. -Greenville

Thank you again for introducing us to Blue. He is the Best Dog Ever! I don’t think another dog could touch our hearts like he has. Quite a few people who have met Blue went out and bought a Golden because of him. He is very friendly to all and loves the attention. I hope he lives a long time. We are very happy with your breeding skills and would recommend you to anyone. In fact I do. C.A. -Wausau