Webshire Girls


Schef’s Special Edition, ***MH

(FC AFC CJ’s Mister T ex Schef’s Anna Banana)

Mighty’s Pedigree

mightyMighty Webshire Yellow Labradore

We were fortunate to acquire Mighty as a started dog.  We saw right away that her natural marking talent was uncanny and she quickly formed a bond with Brian.  She absolutely adores working for him!  Mighty always gives 100% at work and tries her best.  Her lining skills are supreme and she approaches land and water with confidence and boldness.  Mighty is a compact 52 lbs and well-balanced.  She has produced puppies competing at the Master Level in AKC hunt tests as well as serving as devoted hunting and family companions.  We have worked with almost every puppy from her past litters and found them to be extremely eager to please, strong in marking ability and tireless in their work ethic.


Webshire’s Go Fish, WC CCA

(Kiowa’s A Place In Time, **MH WCX CCA ex Benden-Solitaire’s Ruffly Speaking, WC breed pointed)

Goodness’ Pedigree


 Goodness is a tomboy in a pretty package.  Her sweet, gentle nature comes out in full force when she attends our daughters school to participate in reading time with the kids, but in the field she’s fearless and rugged in her approach to working.    Structurally,  Goodness has a very sound body with a pretty head.  She is very balanced in bone and has a coat that is easy to care for, but provides nice furnishings for an eye-catching look.  Goodness’ pedigree combines the best of old multi-purpose genetics (her sire “Freeze” is a product of 20 year old frozen semen) and talented working show lines.   She has become, without a doubt, the matriarch of the Webshire pack and possesses a quiet confidence in all of her canine interactions.  She takes these skills to her mothering experiences.  She absolutely LOVES her puppies and it’s fun to watch her communicate to them through nurturing and intelligent, fair discipline.




Webshire’s Dare To Love

Webshire’s Love Dare, MH WCX CCA ex Webshire’s Believe in Fairytale’s

Love’s Pedigree


Love is a classic Golden Retriever in sweetness and intelligence.  While she possesses an intense love of field work and birds, she has filled a greater role as a constant companion our daughter and patiently listens to stories, watches t.v. and allows the occasional dress up session with total devotion.  Love is a smaller girl, weighing 46 lbs and has a short coat with moderate furnishing.  He previous puppies are in hunting and competition homes and showing great natural aptitude for working.



Wildwing Webshire’s Dare To Be Sweet

Webshire’s Love Dare, MH WCX ex Tidewater Givin Litetoourworld, SH WCX CCA

Sugar’s Pedigree



Sugar came into our lives shortly after our then 8-year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  She began her training as a Diabetic Alert Dog at 8 weeks of age, quickly catching on to what she found a fun game of nosework.  While we have no doubt that Sugar would love to be working in the field, she is an enthusiastic and dedicated partner to our daughter and her strong work ethics and gentle Golden Retriever temperament have made her training towards service work that much easier.  Sugar has had 1 litter and puppies from that litter showed tremendous drive and skill towards many venues.  They were placed in a variety of homes from therapy and service dogs to hunting and competition.  We look forward to watching them grow!



Webshire’s Little Red Cheddar

Wildwing Webshire’s Cooler Than Most, MH WCX ex Webshire’s Dare To Love

Cheddar Pedigree

Cheddar’s super cool link back to the historical Goldens that introduced me to this wonderful breed is one of the most special aspects of living with Cheddar.  However, it’s the personality traits that are linked with these old lines that really endear her to us.  Cheddar has the ability to go from high performance engine to immense calm in an instant, making her a favorite of all who meet her.  Cheddar’s ability to emotionally connect to everyone she meets is uncanny, yet a trait we’ve seen in the dogs we’ve been privileged to own that have come from down from “old” lines made available through frozen semen.  Cheddar is a natural in the field, fearless in the water, no matter the elements and keenly interested in pleasing in all that she does.




Webshire’s How You Doin’

Firemark’s Mack The Knife, MNH WCX ex Webshire’s Little Red Cheddar

Joey Pedigree