Summer Seminars With Brian Hartfield



We will be holding 4 workshops from 5:00-8:00 on Thursdays during the month of July.  Working and Auditing spots available. Cost per night is $45/working and $30/auditing. Participants who attend all 4 workshops will receive a unique Webshire gift!

Call us at 920-836-3355 to reserve your spot in any or all of these exciting and informative workshops!!


Back by popular demand, Brian will discuss the core foundational skills required for all successful retrievers. Whether your goal is a great hunting dog, or a canine competitor able to proficiently perform in hunt tests and beyond, Brian will show you the Webshire Foundation that has built over 150 Master Hunters and hundreds of skilled upland and waterfowl companions. Learn how to confidently install the conditioned retrieve, utilize the electric collar with confidence and a happy working attitude in y our dog, create good line manners from the start, and know you have a solid foundation on which you can build advanced skills.


Do you have a “sensitive” dog? Are there times you feel that your dog is not successful because of a lack of confidence? Do you worry about making a correction for fear that you will lose your dogs attitude? Does your dog display avoidance behaviors when it comes to field work? Brian has become known nationwide for his ability to work with a variety of breeds, many of which people might classify as “sensitive”. In this seminar, Brian will demonstrate ways to build confidence in, not only your dog, but also yourself as a trainer.

July 24th: OFF TO THE RACES! Line manners, mouth problems and distance control

Many testing environments and hunting scenarios go awry before a dog even gets to the line, is released in the field, or put in the duck boat. This seminar may seem to be but a small piece to the puzzle, but in reality it is the critical cornerstone of a successful competition weekend or long-awaited hunting trip. Tonight, learn how to work through control issues with an existing problem dog, or prevent them from starting in the first place with a younger dog.


Brian’s trademark smooth handling style is known far and wide. Tonight he will teach many of his “tricks of the trade” that will better prepare you and your dog mentally for game day. Learn how to make a plan and effectively carry it out. Know what to do when things don’t go according to Plan A and how to quickly come up with a Plan B. Learn how to anticipate the pitfalls of a test and set yourself up for success. Our dogs are truly gifts to us, why not enjoy the time spent with them to the fullest!