New Experiences – Golden Retriever Puppies

6 weeks of age brought a lot of new experiences for the golden retriever puppies.  As we round the home stretch in preparing for our Goodness x Balder puppies to go to their new homes, it seems time flies faster in the last 2 weeks.  Though not drastically warmer, there have been a couple of days that have warmed up enough to allow the puppies to experience the great outdoors for short periods of time.  Not a single puppy hesitated when the door to the outdoors was opened for the first time and they were allowed to venture into the cold and snow.  They viewed the tall snow piles as exciting conquests and not even the deep snow could slow them down.  I’m sure in their eyes I was the party-pooper when it was time to bring the fun to an end so that they wouldn’t get chilled, but that just made them all the more excited to get back outside the next time.

Feather introduction took place over the weekend with fantastic enthusiasm, temperament testing continues and I love the balanced blend of spunky-yet-sweet of everybody, and continue to marvel at what a consistent litter this has been throughout their development.   They are quick to settle and a very content group of golden retriever puppies.   I was incredibly pleased with the first car ride yesterday as we visited the vet for the first time, as the puppies barely fussed (we’ll except for one puppy…Eto….who shall remain nameless….Eto…..who’s been referred to before as the “mouth”….Eto…..and seemed persistent to let everyone know she was not happy with being in a crate, until I spoke her name and told her it wasn’t really necessary for her to carry on so…..and from that point on she was, no joke, quiet until we got home)….. on a trip which turned into an hour and a half car ride due to picking up kids from school and a minor blizzard slowing traffic down.

The golden retriever puppies are showing a great understanding of their potty training and almost everyone runs to the box of shavings as soon as they are let out of the puppy room for a quick pee before playtime and then continue to do so throughout playtime in the Webshire Puppy PlayLand……a room full of toys and obstacles and extra room to run and fine tune their motor skills.

This weekend brings the start of the puppies joining their new families and new lives.  Indeed this has been a long winter, but having puppies around has definitely made it seem a little warmer 🙂

Enjoy the new puppy video: