Golden Retriever Puppies

Our summer 2017 litters have been confirmed!!

Due July 5th

Sugar and Fridge:

Fridge is one of the most exciting Goldens we’ve had the privilege of working with.  He earned his Junior Hunter title handled by our, then 6 year old daughter and then went on to quickly achieve both his Senior and Master titles without failing a test.  He was also a finalist in the 2016 AKC Master National, an accomplishment few Goldens ever achieve.  70 lbs, dark red and intense.  Fridge’s main obsession in life is to work and retrieve.  We’ve been impressed with his offspring thus far, finding them to be quick to learn, natural retrievers with a strong love of the water.
Sugar has been trained from 8 weeks of age as a Diabetic Alert Dog for our Type 1 Diabetic daughter.  She possesses a strong intuitive, compassionate nature and has been easy to train for detection due to her great work ethic and eagerness to please.  She is a beautiful example of a Golden in so many ways and we look forward to seeing what she will produce.  This will be her first litter.  Sugar is 65 lbs, medium Golden with a medium length coat.  This litter should be due July 5th.
Males: $1200
Females $1500
Due July 14th

Goodness and Ike:

This is a repeat breeding and we are so excited to produce another litter like the first! The combination of Ike and Goodness produced puppies that were very pleasing to the eye and oh SO SWEET! Possessing great natural field ability, they have shown themselves to be easy to train and very quick to learn.  A great balance of intensity and level-headedness, they are just pleasant pups all around.  Equally suitable for family companion or hunting dog, they truly seem to be classic Goldens in their temperaments, trainability and looks!
Ike is a dark red Golden weighing 60 lbs.  Though smaller in size, he is very big in heart and courage.  He has been a consistent competitor in the hunt test game and from puppyhood on has been a boy who just wants to please.  His owner describes him as the easiest puppy she’s ever had and throughout his training and career his level-headed approach to work and team player attitude has made him a favorite student of ours.
Goodness is lighter in color and weighs 60 lbs.  She is stunning to look at, but in her opinion pretty is as pretty does.  She’d rather be praised for her working abilities then her looks, and her favorite thing to do is retrieve.  Her sire, Freeze, has a very historic pedigree, being the son of the great FC AFC Tigathoe’s Kiowa II.  Bringing his old genetics through to the modern day has been an exciting opportunity and we see his calm and focused nature come through strong in Goodness and her puppies.  His uncle was the breed’s last Dual Champion, which likely contributes to the great looks we are seeing in Goodness’s puppies.  Though the fact that Goodness’s mama, Shout, came from great working show lines doesn’t hurt.  😉  This litter should be due July 12th.
Males $1800
Females $2000


We are not taking any more deposits until puppies are born.   If you would like to find out more information on our puppy reservation process please email us at or call us at 920-836-3355.



-The Golden Retriever, with its intelligence and eager to please attitude, is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Goldens are active and an energetic breed that can adapt to many different living situations. They are friendly with everyone, including other dogs. Golden Retrievers are highly regarded for their love of human companionship, being faithful, patient and gentle with children. The Golden Retriever makes an ideal pet for the whole family to love.

Golden Retrievers make great hunting companions as they are part of the sporting group of dogs; they were originally bred as a hunting companion for retrieving waterfowl. As they enjoy pleasing their masters, obedience training can be very rewarding as they are among the easiest to train with their enthusiasm for learning new things and ability to quickly pick up on new commands.