Mighty’s Yellow Lab Puppies 5 weeks old

Slideshow: 5 weeks old

Where is the time going?? It seems like just yesterday that Mighty’s yellow lab puppies eyes and ears were opening…..and snow was piled up to my door! I sit looking out my kitchen window on this amazing sunny day and see geese swimming on my pond and a black bird pecking at the ground….the GRASSY ground!
🙂 How rejuvenating is this weather?! We are looking forward to getting the Mighty lab puppies out in the sunshine later this week for a healthy good dose of Vitamin D!

The puppies are venturing outside of their smaller puppy play area into the Puppy Play Land area. They are loving the extra freedom and room to really run and explore.
We have 2 girls who are smaller than the rest, so they are getting extra lovin’ time from mama Mighty and eat separately from their bigger brothers and sisters who are oblivious to anything that gets in their way during feeding time. But they all enjoy bedtime and cuddling together at night and lots of playtime together in the daytime.

I will be sending an email out today to puppy families filled with information to help with the preparation of the yellow lab puppies going to their new homes in only 2 more weeks!