Summer Seminars With Brian Hartfield

WEBSHIRE KENNELS SUMMER WORKSHOPS WITH BRIAN HARTFIELD We will be holding 4 workshops from 5:00-8:00 on Thursdays during the month of July.  Working and Auditing spots available. Cost per night is $45/working and $30/auditing. Participants who attend all 4 workshops will receive a unique Webshire … [Read more...]

Mighty’s Yellow Lab Puppies First Trip to the Vet

This past week brought a lot of new experiences for Mighty's yellow lab puppies. More trips outside to enjoy the sunshine, new toys to have fun practicing their retrieving skills with and every puppies favorite....a trip to the vet! Everyone received a healthy report and had a fun time exploring … [Read more...]

Kiowa’s A Place In Time, **MH WCX CCA OS

Freeze Kiowa's A Place In Time, **MH WCX CCA OS 3/1/00-1/21/14 A tribute to a once in a lifetime dog To have lived nearly 14 years with such a special Golden as Freeze is an undeserved blessing we will forever be grateful for. Brian and I have always had a shared goal of producing not just a … [Read more...]

Mighty’s Yellow Lab Puppies 5 weeks old

Slideshow: 5 weeks old Where is the time going?? It seems like just yesterday that Mighty's yellow lab puppies eyes and ears were opening.....and snow was piled up to my door! I sit looking out my kitchen window on this amazing sunny day and see geese swimming on my pond and a black bird pecking … [Read more...]

Mighty Yellow Labrador Pups Eyes/Ears open!

Time always seems to pick up at this point in puppy rearing. Though I took this video a week ago, I am just now taking a long enough breath to be able to sit down and upload it :-) I love how responsive this video shows the babies - yellow labrador pups - are to my voice. This was one of the last … [Read more...]

Mighty x Tazz Yellow Lab Puppies 1 week old

SLIDESHOW 1 WEEK OLD Well, as busy as the last week was, the Mighty yellow lab puppies are contently oblivious to anything that exists outside their minute by minute priorities of eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping.... Weight gain is consistent with all of the pups, even the smallest girl is … [Read more...]

Mighty x Tazz Yellow Lab Puppies Born March 4th!

5 Girls and 3 Boys entered the Webshire family on Tuesday and as you can hear by the video, their lungs are working just fine :-) They may look a little like Golden Retriever puppies, but this is actually Webshire's very first experience with Yellow Lab puppies. Having raised many blacks and a … [Read more...]

New Experiences – Golden Retriever Puppies

6 weeks of age brought a lot of new experiences for the golden retriever puppies.  As we round the home stretch in preparing for our Goodness x Balder puppies to go to their new homes, it seems time flies faster in the last 2 weeks.  Though not drastically warmer, there have been a couple of days … [Read more...]